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a little about the geneseo museum

The Geneseo Museum collects, preserves, interprets, and shares the history of the city of Geneseo and the life of the museum's founder Dr. E.D. Janzen, to inspire awareness and appreciation of the past for present and future generations.

First opened to the public in 1964, while he was still living in the house, Janzen's museum offers an unparalleled photo and slide collection covering northern Rice County history.

From railroad history to Kansas pioneer families, to UFO's, Janzen's collection covers it.

the Janzen Legacy

     The museum's best-kept secret, however, could be Janzen. A lifelong learner, Janzen pursued knowledge and its transmission in myriad forms, including theological and moral questions, novel forms of entertainment, physical illness and healing, Braille, and magnetic tape recording. Janzen explored these areas just before the dawn of the Information Age.

     Another area of research he explored with friends, in the midwest and southwestern United States, was the growing number of flying-saucer sightings. On the surface, this seemed to many just another interest of Janzen's. Closer examination of the Janzen collection, however, reveals that he saw connections with deeper questions about humanity.

Book a tour with us and discover why The Geneseo City Museum is a hidden gem of Kansas!

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